“Mega bunker NY- bunker building company in USA engaged in the design and renovation of individual survival luxury bunkers. Since the beginning of the past century, Americans began to gain responsibility for their own safety. Ever since then, having a bunker design for individual use at personal disposal has become a common practice. It is of no surprises have a bunker meant for war times today. Nowadays, the priorities in safety bunker installations have changed, and Mega Bunker NY as a company, is a security bunker installer and combines centuries of experience and includes the latest technologies, implementing the best solutions currently in the United States.

One of the highest priorities for every person is their own lives as well as the lives of close ones. Our customers are people who adequately perceive the dangers of unpredictability in today’s world. In certain situations, a tool that will become of use will be to build a bunker. Despite the fact that the bunker may appear to be perfect in terms of being a high security shelter, to maintain your safety in case of an emergency, we also put in its various scenarios for using the bunker as a shelter even in peacetime. Your survival luxury bunker can be used as personal space that is furnished to your liking.

Concrete bunker design protects from: nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, from floods, radiation, hacker attacks, riots, wars, technological contaminations, cataclysms, terrorist attacks, viruses, epidemics, burglaries.

Layoutprovide simple space planning, economical use of internal volumes or space, and areas that are convenient for installing a safety bunker. Incorporates long term comfort in the safety bunker. Rational placement, engineering equipment and use of the military bunker design at peacetime.

Classifications of home bunker designer:
- Mainspaces: Kitchen, bedroom(s), living room, kids’ room, garden, filtration room, bathroom, protected entrances and exits with locks, storage room, switchboard room, pumping room.
- Support spaces: closets, cabinets, garage, hallway(s), library, home theatre, shooting range, weaponry, wine cellar, bar, billiard room, bowling, mini-golfing, tennis, sauna, etc.
Despite how hard or easy your needs are, our team will be with you from the start of to the end of a project, fully completing your ideas however you want.
- Construction management: we are knowledgeable and understand undergroundbunker planner well, and keep in touch with the newest trends in this area. Moreover, we also look out for quality throughout the whole duration of the project.
- Location selection: If you don’t already have a place for a bespoke luxury bunker, we can consult and help you pick where the best spot would be!
- Virtual design: Thanks to BIM and 3D used in the early stages of a project, we will help you design and visualize your safety bunker clearly.
- Procurement: In addition to finding the infrastructure needed to build your bespoke luxury bunker, we can help with the procurement of all materials correspondingly to your unique design requirements and needs.
- External / internal finishing: we use the best architectural choices to match your wants within the project parameters.
We work with customers all over the world. We genuinely value quality over cost. We choose only advanced technologies as well as high-quality materials, and stay within the norms of construction and renovation requirements”.


Foundation:“When designing the foundation of a reinforced concrete bunker, the main consideration and priority is the soil. The load on the foundation of the bunker is significantly larger than usual, not only does it sustain the load from the structure, but also from the earth filling - therefore we can accurately determine the capacity and sturdiness of the soil. We can accurately determine the bearing capacity of the soil. Furthermore, before starting the construction, our specialists carry out a geological survey to determine the suitability of the soil around. Underground bunker design often consists of reinforced concrete monolithic slab, this is due to it being the most rational and economical design. Monolithic foundation slabs are designed with possible impacts in mind: various loads, groundwater pressure, loads from soil buckling, dynamic loads (seismic and explosive) and radon - a gas formed from the decay of radium, which is present in diminutive quantities in the soil”.

External/Internal walls, and columns: “The structural elements of the reinforced сoncrete bunker are designed with consideration of: lateral soil pressure, various loads from buried roofs, dynamic loads (seismic, transport, explosive). These bunkers have supports, withstanding heavy loads while simultaneously also being resistant to overturning”.

Roof/Slab: “The safety bunkers’ roof has been designed with consideration of vertical loads from bulk soil 3-4 feet high (including water-saturated soil), snow, dynamic loads (seismic, transport, explosive). When constructing and designing flat roofs, we take in account that under the heavy loads, the roofs are able to bend, creating the possibility of water accumulation, and this, in turn, leads to an increase in the load of the structure”. inage: “Underground bunker design needs effective groundwater protection. To ensure this protection, we use drainage and waterproofing systems. The specific drainage system is selected in accordance with the soil texture and moisture on the territory, as well as with the features of the reinforced concrete bunker. The complexity of the drainage system includes surface drainages, as well as internal drainage for the prevention of emergency flooding. Drainage pumping stations are located behind the high security shelter”.


Ventilation: “To purify the air, we, as bunker air filtration system experts, use special filters designed for certain types of pollution (e.g. viruses, bacteria, radioactive dust, chemical weapons). Since there is no singular universal filter designed for all possible types of pollution, the intake and treatment of outdoor air is provided in several different ways, that is, depending on what threat comes from the outside, the ventilation and air conditioning system operates in one of the provided special modes. For example, in the normal operation mode, when there is no contamination of the outside air, the supply air is supplied through the standard air duct; when there is a threat of pollution, outside air is supplied to the bunker through an air duct equipped with special chemical cleaning agents and filtration. With a high concentration of contaminants in the outside air or in the presence of hazards for which filters are not provided, the system can operate in complete isolation mode - in this mode, special regenerating devices are used to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide.

At bunker ventilation system design, we carry out a thorough analysis in order to determine the required ventilation rate. The ventilation system constantly supplies fresh air, providing all the comfort that is familiar to any fairly luxurious American residential building.

Electricity: “The shelters’ power supply system is independent, with that in mind, it provides power supply even in the event of a power outage from external sources, which is plausible, for example, in the event of damage to external power grids or a transformer substation. Autonomous backup power supplies located directly within the underground bunker design will provide power even if all external infrastructure is destroyed. Three types of power supplies are used: uninterruptible power supplies, diesel generator sets and solar panels.

The uninterruptible power supply is switched on in the event of a short-term interruption of the voltage supply or in the event of a departure of its parameters from the set range. An uninterruptible power supply allows you to protect the equipment, since even a short-term power outage causes malfunctions in the operation of automation, communication, alarm systems, etc.

In addition, the diesel generator set is designed for unforeseen cases of disconnection of the stationary power supply, for example, in case of damage or overloading of electrical networks. The system is provided internally and is capable of functioning as a backup power source for a long duration”.

Water/Sewerage: “The bunker water filtration system design and sewerage systems are designed to meet the needs of sheltered ones, supply process water to air coolers and equipment, and remove waste and waste water outside the structure. Security bunker design is equipped with an internal piping connected to an external water supply network. In case of failure of the external water supply network, an emergency supply of drinking water is provided in equipped flowing tanks. Furthermore, In the shelters, latrines are installed with wastewater discharge into the external sewer network through independent outlets by pumping with the installation of valves inside the shelters. Pumping stations and receiving tanks are located outside the underground bunker design. In case of failure of the external sewerage network and interruption of water supply to the bathroom, emergency reservoirs are provided for collecting wastewater with the possibility of actually cleaning it. The drains are to be drained into the receiving tank of the pumping station.

There is also a water supply and cooling system due to an artesian well located directly within the boundaries of the custom underground bunker and protection from external influences.

The artesian well is also used as a reserve source of drinking and process water supply. Since the depth of the artesian aquifers is several hundred feet, it can be used for drinking purposes, even in the case of strong external chemical or radiation contamination”.

Sealing: “The security bunker design is sealed in order to prevent the contamination of poisonous and radioactive substances, bacterial aerosols, gaseous combustion products into the high security shelter, in case of fires and to exclude the leakage of a shock wave, and waterproofing - to prevent the penetration of ground and surface water. Moreover, waterproofing also improves the sealing of the shelters.

Drainage:Underground bunker design needs effective groundwater protection. To ensure this protection, we use drainage and waterproofing systems. The specific drainage system is selected in accordance with the soil texture and moisture on the territory, as well as with the features of the reinforced concrete bunker. The complexity of the drainage system includes surface drainages, as well as internal drainage for the prevention of emergency flooding. Drainage pumping stations are located behind the high security shelter”.


Doors:“Safety-tight doors are a necessary element of the home bunker design. The strong steel structure: protects the room from any blast wave or poisonous substances, provides biological protection from ionizing radiation, and other damaging factors. The closing mechanism locks and seals the room. It is located on the inside of the bunker and allows opening and closing from both sides. Sliding wedges and sealing rubber provide the necessary sealing of the door. Installation of sealed doors is carried out at the stage of concreting the safety bunker, the frame is embedded in the protective layer of concrete”.

Disinfection sluice:“As a survival bunker planner, we provide the mandatory installation of a disinfection sluice. The sluice is equipped with a UVC germicidal device, and in the same room, an irrigation system where a disinfectant is sprayed that kills viruses on human clothing. The disinfectant is harmless if swallowed and meets national health standards. In addition, there will be a cabinet equipped with a tank for the collection, and safe storage, of waste”.

Protective suit: “Protective suits are being purchased for home bunker design. A suit will protect you from a wide range of harmful damaging pollution factors, including hazardous biological substances and low levels of radioactive contamination. The suit can be used in temperatures from -49 to +122 ˚F. Made of double-sided rubberized fabric with increased mechanical strength in the form of a one-piece overalls. Moreover, when working in low light conditions, the suit is equipped with a powerful LED rechargeable flashlight located on the front of the suit. Each suit also includes a useful repair kit”.

Food: “Food in general is critical in all survival emergencies. The custom underground bunker is equipped with several types of food supplies: canned food, dry food and food that preserves its properties for a long time when frozen”.

Garden:“In the unlikely event of complete consumption of all food supplies, or in case you would like to add fresh food to your everyday diet, the safety bunker has its own automated garden system with a supply of seeds of various plants. In addition to that there are also fully assembled truss racks that have an automated fan, pump and light system that operates at the specific stage in the plant's life cycle which it requires. Conveniently, the individual will also be supplied with a remote control, which is easy to use. Furthermore, the farm operates in an energy-saving mode that constantly controls light and water circulation. The garden system has its own personal ambient temperature and humidity sensor for instant monitoring of plant health. You will receive eco-quality food, full of useful microelements and vitamins, without pesticides and pollution all year round, and, of course, the air quality will be higher due to the plant photosynthesizing”.

Medicine:“The safety bunker is also equipped with a first aid kit, as well as necessary prescription drugs in the high security shelter. An individual first-aid kit is intended for many things; self-help, mutual assistance, prevention or weakening of the damaging effect of radiation substances, and bacterial agents. The first-aid kit also includes: antibacterial agent, radioprotective agent, anti-inflammatory agent, anti-poisoning agent, pain relievers, antiseptic, consumable dressings, as well as vitamins and minerals”.

Lights/Windows: “The security bunker design is a special purpose build hidden deep underground. In a locked room like that, without doubt, the environment can negatively affect the human psyche. Projected images of the outside world are reflected with the use of lighting and broadcasting of street video surveillance in widescreen-screens in each room. We have equipped our custom underground bunker with a state-of-the-art "CoeLux®" design. It is an advanced high-tech lighting system that accurately recreates street lighting: sunrise and sunset, bright sun and night sky. The ceiling recessed device consists of optical components and LED light sources. A 45-degree beam of light is spread by the system and creates a warm spotlight with obvious contours. Not only that but, based on what time of day, diffused light with a heavenly blue tint of a certain intensity of colors shadows inside the space. As a custom bunkers’ planner, we calculate not only the intensity, but also the placement, color effect and variability, which significantly affects the former interior in a positive light. Providing the optimal lighting effect is a good way to balance the mental state, in a locked off space like this”.

Solarium: “A solar shower is a device that emits a balanced dose of UV, which will replace natural sunlight at noon in the bespoke luxury bunker.
Vitamin D is necessary and valuable for the human body: it helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus, has a beneficial effect on bone tissue, prevents the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, stops inflammation, and also helps fight depression, bad mood and chronic fatigue. With this in mind, doctors recommend that people spend an average of about 15 minutes a day in the sun.

Health problems can be avoided with regular and moderate use of tanning beds. Our luxury bunker is equipped with a “sun shower” that provides a balanced dose of artificial sunlight as well as warmth while you shower.

IR radiation penetrates deeply into the skin to a depth of 5 mm, optimally and effectively warming the body. As a result, harmful substances are removed from the body much faster, blood vessels expand, muscles become more flexible and the overall performance of the body increases. Taking dosed UV sunbaths along the way using a shower, you can optimally reduce the risk of burns. Using IR baths, you will not be able to exceed the session timer, which will prevent overheating of the body. We genuinely care about your health, so we remind you: in order to avoid individual intolerance, you need it in advance before you consult a doctor”.

Noise/Acoustics: “Since underground placement dampens external sounds, the internal acoustics of the space is crucial as it is one of the mental factors of the person staying in the bunker, and the duration of the stay. As security bunker planners, we have provided an adequate amount of modern technology, which will give you ample opportunities to reduce the negative mental impact of the absence of noise”.

Waste Recycling: “With security bunker planning, we also throughout a way to cleverly dispose of food waste. Around 95% of food waste can be converted into fertilizer using our own household recycler, which, thanks to a fully automated process, reduces food waste by more than two-thirds of its original volume in less than a day. The result is a ready-to-use fertilizer that can be used in your home garden. The fertilizer is scattered all over the soil and releases nutrients to the root system. Moreover, the food waste heat exchanger is equipped with a mixing motor and paddles, carbon filters and additive packages. Almost all types of food waste are processed, this includes meat and dairy waste as well. The household recycler disposes of weekly food waste: approximately 7.7 pounds of household food waste for the average American household. If during your stay you will observe excess food waste, then do not fret, you can turn to the built-in disposer. This makes your stay in the safety bunker more comfortable and thoughtful. The food waste will not be able to accumulate and burden your life in the bunker, rather it will serve you profitably”.

Environmental Monitoring Tools: “Home bunker design contains devices with automatic light and sound warning of dangers: a chemical control device for detecting certain special substances and highly toxic substances (e.g. chlorine, ammonia), a radiation monitoring device designed to detect areas of radioactive (gamma radiation) contamination, lastly a climatic device for conducting meteorological observations of the wind, as well as air temperature”.

Methodological Aids: “The high security shelter includes a library of technical documentation and manuals on the equipment used in the bunker arrangement. In case of an emergency, the shelter users will be able to restore their functionality on their own using repair kits and given spare parts”.

Car Lifts: “As the bunker installers, we work on your project from the design aspect to the full completion, we can also equip your underground bunker design with a car lift. The car lift located in the high security shelter will neatly fit into the space, without a problem. An underground garage is safer for the car than a traditional garage. The top platform is made entirely of stainless steel, as well as being durable, long lasting and waterproof. Your vehicle will be safely stored underground, effectively adding protection against injury and theft”.

Tools: “If you stay in the safety bunker for a long time, some items can break due to durability, this also includes tools, materials for quick repairs, batteries and accumulators in the garage”.

Armory: “Our team is able to design and install the interior arrangement of a weapons room, where you can store guns, cartridges, and other accessories for self-defense and/or hunting. The panels we installed on the walls, cabinets, and shelves will give you plenty of space for placing your weapon as carefully as possible. Additionally, an indoor shooting range can be a good addition to your safety bunker armory. Thanks to our professional equipment, our team will be able to prepare your individual indoor training ground for convenient and safe use. Bullet-proof protective surfaces, an exhaust hood for air purification in the shooting range, and an automated target system will allow you to spend your time safely and comfortably”.